Pizza lovers “going green”

DaVinci Box Company bringing an end to throw-away pizza boxes


 a Family Business

Since the 1960’s, Americans have been relying on food grade (not recycled) corrugated cardboard boxes when we buy pizza. Americans throw away approximately three billion of these boxes annually. Unfortunately, the oils from pizza make it impossible to place these in recycling containers.

Many of us try to avoid single-use items that get jammed into trash bins; instead, choosing items that we can both reuse and recycle. Reusable grocery bags are now required by law in many cities. Plastic-coated paper coffee cups are slowly being replaced by reusable options. By opting for reusable items over disposables, we are reducing costs and waste while conserving trees and water.

According to recent statistics, about one in eight Americans eats pizza on any given day. Average local pizza shops dispense more than a hundred throw-away boxes daily. The founders of DaVinci Box Company are a Seattle couple with two growing boys who are no exception to these numbers; with no sensible alternatives to the single use throw-away cardboard pizza box, and limited space in the household trash.

The couple took on the challenge from a prominent local pizzeria with an environmental awareness to come up with an alternative reusable pizza box. Shop employees regularly spend hours each day folding pizza boxes for carry-out slices. Boxes that would be thrown out by the customer that same day. After two years to develop, perfect, and patent, Davinci pizza boxes are ready for the public. The very attractively decorated boxes are food safe, can be wiped clean, and are ultimately recycled alone with other recyclable material. Pizza shop owners also love them because the boxes can be customized with the pizzeria logo.

Pizzerias are giving away a free slice of pizza with every box, and charging $5.00 for a patent pending Davinci Pizza Box that’s designed to hold two slices of pizza; again and again. Used boxes are never passed over the counter.Rather, the pizza is handed to the patron on a paper plated or sheet of paper which is place in to the Davinci pizza box.

OUR NEW 18-inch DaVinci Pizza Boxes

New for 2019 is our 18-inch reusable DaVinci Pizza Box. We discovered a demand for these large boxes where large quantities of pies are regularly delivered to schools or other institutions…Never had we considered the dilemma created by daily delivery of 50 large pizzas in disposable boxes.  Not only does the disposal of these boxes pose a problem, but the cost of these disposable boxes is a consideration. We have found that our boxes completely pay for themselves after about two weeks of use. By the third week, using the DaVinci Pizza Boxes reduces the delivered cost of each pizza by nearly one dollar. 


Pizza lovers “going green”

DaVinci Box Company bringing an end to throw-away pizza boxes

Here, in the Northwest, "disposables" are on the way out. In the U.S., alone, we throw out 3 billion pizza boxes annually! Let's hope that we can help to turn this around with this patent pending reusable pizza box. Tell your favorite pizzeria to order theirs, with their logo, from DaVinci Box Company.


These can also be covered with college emblems. Special events can be commemorated on these pizza boxes.


DaVinci Pizza Box   



Sold in cartons of 50 flat boxes shipped by us to your restaurant.

DaVinci Pizza Box


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